The Guitarcaster Podcast

Episode 30- Nick Sadler

Episode Summary

Trevor, Juan, and Jake get to know Nick Sadler, guitarist for the band Daughters.

Episode Notes

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This episode: Trevor, Juan, and Jake get to know Nick Sadler, guitarist from the band Daughters. Be sure to check out their brand new album, "You Wont Get What You Want", via Ipecac Records. Available now.

Nick represents a side of guitar culture that Guitarcaster has never really explored before; those that are disciples of song structure and timbre rather than the gear that makes those noises. In addition, Nick divulges everything he is allowed to involving what it's like on tour, other projects such as Way Out and Mythless, as well as insights into recording the past couple albums. The boys surprise Nick with a couple of games, some with more success than others, all of which are a blast to play along with at home.

Guitarcaster Smoke Break brought to you by Daughters and is titled "Long Road, No Turns"

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